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At Care Circumcision Centre, we’re a circumcision clinic that strives to offer a safe, pain-free and affordable circumcision service to adults and babies alike. Our doctors are highly skilled and have years of experience performing various circumcision operations over the years, contact us or visit our medical centre in Perth.

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Male newborns have a layer of skin that covers the frontal area of the penis. This skin is non-essential and if left to cover the penis can lead to numerous health conditions down the line – such as Phimosis. Circumcision is a surgical procedure (conducted under local anaesthetic) whereby the extra foreskin covering the penal gland is removed thus exposing the penis.

Numerous studies have shown that circumcision for boys is not only a preventative solution but also comes with many health benefits. Below are some of the benefits of getting a circumcision procedure done:

Reduced risk of urinary tract infections – while these conditions are already quite rare, it’s actually more common in uncircumcised men.

Easier to clean penis – cleaning around and between the foreskin is usually cumbersome for many men, yet quite important. Circumcision reveals the penis thus making it easier to clean.

Reduced risk of STD – getting circumcised might help lower the risk of getting various sexual diseases.

Prevents various penile problems – uncircumcised men can suffer from numerous penile issues that can cause inflammation and pain in the penis region – such as Phimosis.

Lesser risk of penile cancer – studies show that uncircumcised men are more likely than circumcised men to get penile cancer. It also reduces the risk of your partner getting cervical cancer.

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Our doctors at Care Circumcision Centre, use the pollock technique which is a painless circumcision method recommended by leading doctors. If you’re looking for a circumcision doctor then phone 0451 727 060 to book your circumcision appointment today!

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Some of the reasons why our patients love us and why you should too!

Pain-free & Safe Procedure

There are many methods for getting circumcised, we use the safest and pain-free options.

No Age Limit

We cater to boys and adults of all ages. Whether your child is still an infant or in his teens, we can help.

We Care For You

After your procedure, we look after our clients by following up to see how they're doing.

Bulk Billing Available

Our services can be bulk billed under your medicare to help cover the cost of your circumcision treatment.

Perth Circumcision Clinic

We're locally based in Perth WA, just fill out the contact form or call up to book your appointment.

Experienced Doctors

Our doctors have conducted this surgery numerous times, so you can rest assured you or your child is in safe hands.

Here’s a little more information about our doctors. Over the years, we’ve used the pollock technique for adults and infant circumcision at our Perth circumcision clinic. We’re one of the leading circumcision clinics in Perth, providing circumcision services to boys of all age, even adults. If your child is an infant then we take great care in trying to manage their pain by using ways to distract them or keep them pre-occupied during the procedure.

We understand the fear some patients might have with the procedure and therefore go the extra length to make you feel as comfortable and informed as possible. Our circumcision doctor – Dr. Hajoona is well-liked by many patients for his friendly and caring nature is what makes the patient feel safe and relieved.

Our Perth circumcision clinic is wheelchair accessible and our team is here to help you get the earliest booking available. If you’re looking for a circumcision clinic in Perth WA, then look no further.